ABOUT ME - Rudolf Farkas illustrator and painter

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As you may know, I am passionate about fine arts. I have been a painting artist for over 35 years and a freelancer illustrator since 2006.
Therefore, I have extensive experience in creating oil paintings and digital illustrations for children books.
Over the past 10 years, I worked on numerous projects with various well-known publishers such as
Arcturus Publishing Ltd. UK
Boat International USA   USA
Bloomsburry Publishing Australia,UK
Cambridge University Press,UK
Graphart KFT. Hungary
Educa Borras SA. Spain
Element Llc. USA
Harper Collins Publishers, LLc UK
Hyejin Park from Compass Publishing Korea
Igloo Books Ltd. UK
McGraw-Hill Global Education Holdings,LLc USA
Oxford University Press UK
Penguin Random House  UK
Ravensburger Company, Germany
Scholastic INC.New York, USA
Tri Land Ltd. Korea
Weldon Owen Publishing PTY Ltd. Australia,UK
Quarto Publishing Group Plc.UK
One of my strengths is realistic representation.However, my interests vary from historic topics to flora and fauna.
As a professional artist, I always welcome new challenges and I really enjoy coming up with creative ideas.

E-MAIL :  art.rudolfart@gmail.com

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